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How is, the tourist information portal of Gipuzkoa Provincial Council, tries to make easier the travel planning for all the people visiting our territory. If you are thinking about visiting us, you will find abundant updated information in this website, on cultural, leisure, gastronomy and accommodation resources that Gipuzkoa offers you.

How to navigate

There are different ways of accessing the contents in
  • All Gipuzkoa: Opening the menu located on the left top of the page, you will find all the information we have prepared for you. You can enter directly into sections such as Where to sleep, What to visit, or Where to eat and begin to know more about our territory.
  • By geographic area: If you prefer to screen the contents from a spatial point of view, choose among the three different options included in the top horizontal menu: Gipuzkoa Coast, Green Gipuzkoa and Donostia-San Sebastián. Your navigation will be more precise if you select specific information about the chosen geographic area.
  • Choose your plan: In case you prefer to focus on the different aspects of our territory: gastronomy, business, sport or culture, you can select from the left menu the plan that best fits your likes.
  • The most outstanding: In the centre of this homepage, we select the most outstanding suggestions in each occasion. You can enter directly into them and know more about our recommendations.

To move freely

  • During your navigation, the left menu, which will be completed with another menu located to your right at deeper levels, will allow you to move to new sections in a very comfortable way.
  • Likewise, we will indicate you the latest steps of your navigation by means of a ‘path of bread crumbs’ so that you can retrace your steps and access to more contents.
  • This web has some keyboard shortcuts that speed up the navigation by means of key combinations. You will find all these shortcuts in the Accessibility section.

A lively portal intends to offer you advanced services. The georeferentiation of all our contents allows us to locate you on the map and to inform you about the closest resources. A travel notebook, which you will be able to create, modify, and even send to a friend, is also included in the use of the technologic possibilities that PDAs and mobile phones offer us. In order to enjoy some of these services, you need to register as a user.

This portal has been created to be accessible for everybody. We hope your navigation will be as pleasant as your stay in Gipuzkoa. If you have any doubt or comment, please contact us.

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