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Travel notebook


Create and edit your personalised guide of Gipuzkoa

During your navigation through, you will find contents of any kind that can be interesting for you. You have the chance to select, group and save them by means of a tool we have called "Travel notebook".

The travel notebook allows you to create your own personalised guide of Gipuzkoa, including only the resources you choose, with your our comments and in the order you want them. The use of this tool is very easy. You only have to click on "Add to travel notebook" when a content you want to save is on display. You will be able to edit it by adding your own comments, modifying the order of the contents you have chosen and deleting what you want. You can also share it and send it to a friend by e-mail.

Everybody who visits can use the tool of the travel notebook. Moreover, if you are already registered as a user, you will have the chance to create several notebooks at the same time and save them so that you can consult, modify, or extend them in future visits. Remember that, in case you are not registered, you will lose your notebook when closing your session.


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