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Restaurants: Introduction


Quality and quantity, sure success

The cooking art has evolved towards a new high quality cuisine

At present, Gipuzkoa's cuisine boasts off a lustre that is not, of course, something recently acquired. As great dishes do, it has followed its won process within a cultural and generational tradition passed from parents to children. Consequently, the cooking art has evolved towards a new high quality cuisine with a wide offer. Haute cuisine or creative cuisine restaurants, restaurants Ó la carte, with set menus, carveries, cider bars, bars, and cafÚs include all the proposals and satisfy all the budgets when we have to sit at the table.
Apart from the merely functional concept, Gipuzkoa's restaurants are considered real gastronomy temples. Moreover, our fondness for good eating is confirmed by the great quantity and quality of our restaurants, something that ensure success when choosing a table everywhere.
In this sense, we could say that the global density of establishments devoted to gastronomy, talking about the territory of Gipuzkoa, is one of the highest in the world. Likely, the price-quality relation of the restaurants is amazing, both if we want to eat Ó la carte and if we intend to have a 'simple' set menu.
The influence of Basque traditional cuisine is evident in the local restaurant industry, with homemade dishes, simple and delicious. Cutlets, hakes, turbots, sea breams, baby squids, elvers -if there are any and if we can afford this whim-, txangurros (crabs), Tolosa beans, vegetables, season products, together with the last trends of put miniature cuisine in plates, these are the products that any Gipuzkoa's restaurant has in their kitchen every day, prepared for satisfying the most refined palates. All this, with a preferential goal: to maintain natural flavours of a fresh product handled only when necessary.
The gastronomy societies are an essential mention in this section: traditional centres of gathering and leisure, whose members do their best when preparing exquisite dishes for the delight of diners, members, and guests. Real artists in the kitchen, all of them collaborate in preserving and recovering old recipes and in giving a new air to the cuisine, reviving modest dishes with great cooking values. Nevertheless, the traveller who wants to visit one of these societies will have to be invited by a member.


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