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Sports and adventure tourism: Introduction

Such a sporting territory as Gipuzkoa invites us to watch a Basque pelota match or a rural sport performance, to practice rambling, water activities, or even adventure sports.See more

Those keen on watching and practicing sports feel at ease in Gipuzkoa, a land with a passion for the sports practice. Pay attention to our suggestions....
To watch
- Basque pelota: Essential matches of pelota mano (bare hand) in Bergara, Eibar, Tolosa, Zarautz and Donostia-San Sebastißn, of remonte (type of basket) in Galarreta (Hernani) and of cesta punta (another type of basket) in Donostia's Carmelo Balda fronton.

- 'Herri kirolak': The origin of Basque sports comes from the challenges upon tasks like wood chopping ('aizkolariak'), grass cutting ('segalariak') or stone lifting ('harrijasotzaileak'). We can know more about them in festivities and festivals.

- Trainera rowing boat races: The Bandera de La Concha competition, celebrated in September, is the height of a passionately lived rowing season.

- Racecourse: The Donostia-San Sebastißn's racecourse, located in Zubieta, has two different race seasons. The Golden Cup, in August, is the most wanted.

- Football: You can also enjoy events that are more usual. For example, a match of the Real Sociedad de F˙tbol, our football team in the Spanish Premier League.

To practice
- Mountaineering and rambling: Green Gipuzkoa is perfect for practicing rambling through a marked network. There are also routes for touring cyclists.
- Surf: Many beaches, specially those located in Zarautz, Saturrarßn and La Zurriola, have tempting waves.
- Water sports: Several clubs and the marinas of Hondarribia, Donostia-San Sebastißn, Getaria and Zumaia allow us to enjoy the sea.
- Golf: Two courses with 18 holes, Basozabal and Jaizubia, and other two with nine holes, will please the 'green' lovers.
- Ice skating: The Txuri Urdin, in Donostia-San Sebastißn, encourages us to have fun while we skate.
- Adventures: The most intrepid ones can practice hang glider, paragliding, capeas (amateur bullfights with young bulls), climbing, potholing, bungee jumping, paintball, horse routes, diving, rafting....


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