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Cultural tourism: Introduction

Speaking about festivals and artistic events, Gipuzkoa follows a very high rhythm, taking into account its population rate. The visitor interested in culture knows how to appreciate this activity, as well as the territory's rich heritage.See more

People interest in art, stage arts, and history will find in Gipuzkoa many sources of interest. A cultural visit should take into account the following events:
- Big festivals: If you can get that your stay in Gipuzkoa coincides with the Jazzaldia, the Musical Fortnight, the International Film Festival or the Tolosa Choral Competition, you will receive an extra. These are first class events that will not disappoint you.
- Concerts and representations: Performances in very different styles of music, theatre, and dance are constant throughout the year and not only in the capital's stages. Please, consult our web's agenda to be up-to-date.
- Cultural heritage: From the megalithic monuments to the avant-garde architectural and sculptural creations, Gipuzkoa's rich historic-artistic heritage surprises us around every corner. The sanctuaries of Arantzazu and Loiola lead an outstanding list of cultural resources.
- Basque culture: The day-to-day running in Gipuzkoa invites us to know more about Basque folklore and traditions, closely related to our own language, the Basque, and to a stressed and even surprising character.
- Museums: Almost forty museums show us very different realities. Besides the essential Cristˇbal Balenciaga and San Telmo museums, there is also space for curiosities and even for oddities.
- Exhibitions: Cultural centres like the Koldo Mitxelena Kulturunea, exhibition halls and art galleries, specially abundant in Donostia-San Sebastißn and Hondarribia, offer us the proposals by the creators of our time.


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