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Educational tourism

Museums, interpretation centres, and guided visits allow us to take advantage of our stay in Gipuzkoa for enjoying while we learn.See more

In groups or alone, in school age or in any other stage of our lives, we can deal with a visit to Gipuzkoa from an educational point of view. Watching 'in situ' how traditional boats were built, how the Idiazabal cheese is elaborated, or how the old foundries worked with water mills are delicious ways of enjoying while we acquire new knowledge.
The interactive Eureka! Science Museum, the spectacular Aquarium, and the Igartubeiti Farmhouse are worth a visit for those who look for educational tourism. For them, here we suggest some thematic:
- To get near nature: Aquarium, (Donostia-San Sebastißn), Ingurugiro Etxea (Azpeitia), Mineral and Fossil Museum (Urretxu), Aizkorriko Ataria Interpretation Centre (Zegama), Txingudi Marshes Ecological Park (Txingudi)... and all the parks and natural areas of the territory.
- To know more about traditional ways of life: Igartubeiti Farmhouse (Ezkio-Itsaso), foundries of Agorregi (Aia) and Mirandaola (Legazpi), Salt Museum (Leintz Gatzaga), Ondartxo, Centre of the maritime culture (Pasaia), Ecomuseum and Ethnographic museum of Larraul (Larraul), Zerain Cultural Landscape ...
- To understand science and technology: Eureka! Science Museum (Donostia-San Sebastißn), with the planetarium, Basque Railway Museum (Azpeitia), Museum Cemento Rezola...
- To learn more about history: Hondarribia Historic QuarterZumalakarregi Museum (Ormaiztegi), Santa Elena Hermitage-Museum (Irun), Medieval Interpretation Centre (Segura), Ibarraundi museum (Eskoriatza), San Marcos Fort (Errenteria)...
- To discover artSan Telmo Museum (Donostia-San Sebastißn), O˝ati's Historic Quarter, Photomuseum - Basque Photography Museum (Zarautz), Cristˇbal Balenciaga Museum (Getaria)... and all the monumental heritage existing in Gipuzkoa.


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