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Natural Tourism: Introduction

Climbing beautiful mountains, observing the birds passing, getting deeper into green valleys, leaning over the sea from cliffs and even being surrounded by sharks -in the Aquarium, of course- are plans that nature lovers can make true in Gipuzkoa.See more

Its urbanization does not alter the fact that Gipuzkoa preserves wide natural areas and many areas characterised by the balance between man's influence and the respect for the environment. A plan to get near the most natural Gipuzkoa, if it is possible lodged in an agrotourism house, should include these landscapes:
- Natural parks: There are four and all are worth a visit: Aiako Harria, with its granite crest, Pagoeta, with a foundry, Aralar, shared with Navarre, and Aizkorri, which marks the highest summit of the territory, 1,551 metres.
- Facing the sea: Gipuzkoa's coast combines beaches and coastal mountains and cliffs, like the ones located in the area of Zumaia and Deba, with a peculiar geological formation, the 'flysch'.
- Green valleys: We can observe the river habitat in the narrow valleys of Lastur, Kilimon or Errezil. The Leitzaran protected biotope follows the track of an old train through bridges and tunnels.
- Hiking: Mountaineers can climb Mount Txindoki or Mount Ernio, but all the comarcas have marked routes for hikers who want to get some fresh air without suffering many slopes.
- Natural museums: The Aquarium leads a list of museums where we can learn more about our environment: Ingurugiro EtxeaAizkorriko Ataria Interpretation Centre,...
- Bird watching: In the Txingudi Bay, the Plaiaundi Ecology Park is perfect for watching migratory birds. In the four natural parks, we can patiently observe specimens of local fauna.
- Parks and gardens: The nature arranged by men offers beautiful settings in Donostia-San Sebastißn (Cristina-Enea, Aiete) and in other places. The Monterrˇn Gardens (Arrasate) house the biggest tree in Gipuzkoa, a sequoia.


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