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Religious tourism: Introduction

San Ignacio de Loiola's birthplace, the territory crossed by two routes of the Road to Santiago, the place where the Virgin appeared on a hawthorn (Arantzazu) necessarily offers interesting points for those who travel without forgetting their spiritual dimension.See more

General visitors are advised to go to the sanctuaries of Loiola and Arantzazu, which will be completely appreciated by the believers and the ones interested in the religious fact. The magnificent Sanctuary of Loiola, in Azpeitia, was built as a tribute to San Ignacio, founder of the Society of Jesus. The saint's birth home, that can be visited, is integrated into the whole, crowned by a baroque dome.
A different aesthetics is shown in the Basilica of Arantzazu, located on a cliff in the Aizkorri Massif. The sanctuary is hold by the Franciscan Fathers and worships a Virgin who, according to tradition, appeared to a shepherd on a hawthorn. The impressive natural setting and the avant-garde shapes of the architecture invite to seclusion.
Both sanctuaries make part of the Ignatius Land - the Route of the Three Temples, completed by La Antigua, in Zumarraga, considered as 'the cathedral of Basque hermitages'. It is one of the many hermitages of a territory, in which the Virgins of Arrate (Eibar), Itziar (Deba), or Guadalupe (Hondarribia) have countless devout believers. The latter ones are included in the Jacobean Route, since two routes of the Road to Santiago, the Coastal and the Inland Routes, cross Gipuzkoa's territory.
An approach to Gipuzkoa from a religious perspective should include a visit to the Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art and should take into account the calendar. Popular events like the Corpus Christi in O˝ati or the Easter processions in Hondarribia and Segura are evidences of the Christian imprint.


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