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Health tourism: Introduction

In Gipuzkoa, those tourists who want to care their bodies will find several possibilities to rediscover water's beneficial powers. Four new thalassotherapy centres have joined Zestoa's Spa, the only one with this category in the Basque Country.See more

During the cosmopolitan Belle ╔poque, Gipuzkoa had up to eleven spas opened at the same time. Among them, the Cestona Spa is the only one that has remained without stopping. The discovery of the therapeutic effects of Zestoa's springs is attributed to the dogs of the Marquis of San Millßn. According to tradition, in 1760 they cured from mange after having a bath in some natural pools with warm water.
After these waters were declared a public service, the Cestona Spa opened, being enlarged in 1893 with the inauguration of the Grand Hotel emblematic building. People still drink the waters of these two springs of Zestoa, before having breakfast and on the doctor's orders. Nevertheless, the spa has become a real hydrotherapy complex, with different types of pools, baths, showers, and vapours to tone up and relax our bodies.
Gipuzkoa's thermal tradition is reborn in modern thalassotherapy premises that have been recently opened. In Deba, the Kresala hotel combines accommodation and a wide offer of water therapies. In Donostia-San Sebastißn, the spacious La Perla centre and the Hydra wellness-spa, located under the MarÝa Cristina Hotel and the last in joining the circuit, complete the offer of establishments where we can cultivate our health with the help of water.
After enjoying some of these centres, a relaxing walk through Gipuzkoa's beaches or an excursion to some of the charming spots of this territory could complete a pleasant and healthy day.


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