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Coast Gipuzkoa: Introduction

To be sure, the counties belonging to the Coast of Gipuzkoa have very attractive beaches. But there are also monumental towns, natural parks, charming spots to visit, interesting museums, and a wide selection of excellent restaurants.See more

Gipuzkoa is not your typical tourist destination for 'sunny beaches'. However, its 17 beaches are clean, comfortable and mostly urban. They are essential to enjoy the beauty of the Cantabrian Sea in the summertime or for relaxing walks by the waves in winter. The beach at Zarautz, the longest, and the beach of La Concha in Donostia, the most elegant, are the two most well known. But there are many others, from Saturrarßn (in Mutriku) to Hondarribia, for the visitor to chose from.
Gipuzkoa's 86 kilometres of coast alternate sand with urban centres and coastal mountains, such as Mount Jaizkibel, that take the colour green right down to the sea. The cliffs between Deba and Zumaia are spectacular geological formations called the 'flysch' and the 'rasa mareal'.
The coastal towns, often located where the rivers let out into the sea, have their own distinct personalities and numerous points of interest. All of them -Mutriku, Deba, Zumaia, Getaria, Zarautz, Orio and Hondarribia- deserve a visit. Hondarrribia, with its oceanfront promenade and its Old Town, is especially beautiful. But the charming fishing villages of Getaria and Mutriku, Zumaia's two beaches or the traditional tourist destination of Zarautz are well worth mentioning. The Coast of Gipuzkoa, with its two Natural Parks, Aiako Harria and Pagoeta, also has its green side. The variety of landscapes ranges from charming spots such as Pasai Donibane, to industrialised areas such as the Port of Pasaia. The Coast of Gipuzkoa offers such diverse attractions as, for example, Euskadi's only horse racetrack, the Donostia-San Sebastißn near Lasarte-Oria, to such unforgettable museums as Chillida-Leku (in Hernani).
Debabarrena, Urola Kosta, Donostialdea, Oarsoaldea and Bidasoa - Txingudi are the five counties that make up the area called the Coast of Gipuzkoa. In addition to tasting their wonderful fish dishes, one must also try the two local beverages: cider, whose epicentre is located in Astigarraga but can be found all over the Donostialdea county, And "txakoli" of Getaria, a white wine with its own denomination of origin.


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